This is a list of some references that were used in the creation of this work and are not mentioned in the sidebars. Since my research was almost entirely based on internet resources which are inherently dynamic in nature, I have only included the most relevant links. A total of about 500 web-pages and text documents were studied and have contributed to this project to varying extents. Offline copies of all documents are available on request to the department.

  1. Lack, Sylvius:
    Nichtlineare Ton- und Musikgestaltung für interaktive Unterhaltungssoftware
    HFF Potsdam, 1998, Jt 95
  2. I.C. When History
  3. The Internet Pinball Database
  4. The Origin of Spacewar
  5. Spacewar! - The very first Computer Game
  6. Baer Keynote to Classic Gaming Expo 2000
  7. Video Game History (Dutch)
  8. The ATARI Video Game Console Page
  9. The History of Video Games at
  10. The History of Video Games by Scott Jacobi
  11. A Short History of ATARI
  13. 8-Bit Nirvana (German)
  14. Portable Game Systems Overview
  15. Inside Nintendo 64
  16. SEGA Dreamcast Technical Pages
  17. PlayStation 2 Technical Overview
  18. Microsoft XBOX
  19. The Future of 3D Sound